A Deep Dive into OG in Football

What is OG in football? If you enjoy the king sport, most people have heard of this common phrase. Come study, particularly about circumstances and knowledge linked to “Own Goal,” by joining FB777 today!

In football, what are OGs?

Own Goad, or OG for short, is an acronym used in football to represent an own goal. That implies any player unintentionally kicks the ball toward the goal of his team. Naturally, in this case, the referee will decide that it is a counter-attack goal and mark the goal for the other team. What, then, were the causes for the sad player’s behavior?


Aiming to stop the opponent’s shot, the defensive player strikes the ball into the net of his own team instead.

Another factor could be a missed communication, which would direct the ball directly toward the home goal.

All OG goals in football are sometimes seen as one of those regrettable mishaps. In some crucial circumstances, though, this goal will also enable the home team to prevail.

Studies indicate that, although not impossible, OG’s aim is practically unattainable. Naturally, the objective will be counted 1 – 0 in the other direction. Goals in various nations and areas will show the name of the player who touched the ball last.

Should the player violate OG during a ball, what penalty will they pay?

Some players, meanwhile, occasionally deliberately take OG shots to match the game. Should such discovery occur, the match organizing committee and management board would penalize them in line with past policies.

Regarding the scenario whereby a player unintentionally breaks OG, naturally, the supporters will only view his performance as inadequate. Under such circumstances, public opinion would criticize them extensively, and the media as well as the audience will regard them as “criminals.” Their future football careers will even influence these guys.

Why do players in Football sometimes have Oged?

What then drives players in football to commit OG fouls? as follows:

Insufficient Attention

It is also likely the player lacks focus or is careless while evaluating the match scenario. Sadly, they shot this “deplorable” OG right away.

Mental tension

Of course, in major events, there won’t be any instances of players under psychological strain. From there, athletes can experience psychological impact and thus make poor kicking judgments.

Inappropriate Method

Sometimes the player lacks extremely good dribbling skill and is not very confident in his moves. It followed right away to have the ball placed in the home goal.

Unexpected circumstances

Players occasionally come into unanticipated events, like the ball unintentionally contacting an opponent or touching the crossbar. It also causes the player to lose control over the ball and foul an OG goal.

inadvertent Reactions

Ultimately, it was one of the situations when an OG goal resulted from a player acting irrationally. They tried to stop the opponent from getting the ball into their goal at this point, but this resulted in illogical action meant to let the ball pass into their net.

How crucial is Og in football?

OG in football

In soccer, OG goals—that is, own goals—are essential and occur at any moment. Of course, in a significant game, this goal will also be crucial for the team to lose or win right after.

Determine the matching outcome.

The outcome of the contest depends on own goals; hence, they are crucial. Thus, occasionally, this OG table will be the secret for the referee to decide the score for every team.

Adjust the battle position

Apart from determining the result of the game, the OG table aids the team in altering the field conditions. Thus, this aim might also assist the squad in losing spirit and strength or enable it to build its spirit and physical capacity to play even more.OG in football

Establish unforgettable events

In sports, personal objectives can also contribute to creating unforgettable soccer events. A goal might be a random kick that

surprises and excites the crowd, therefore enhancing the spectacular quality of the game.


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