Dragon Tiger – The hottest money making betting game 2024

Dragon Tiger is one of the card game genres with the highest payout rate at JiLiLive Playground. At the same time, the betting game is also highly appreciated for its simple rules and high payout rate. So, today, let’s explore everything about this card game.

Overview of the card game Dragon Tiger

Overview of the card game Dragon Tiger
Overview of the card game Dragon Tiger

In Dragon Tiger, each side receives one card, no need to arrange cards or compare scores like Baccarat. The card with the highest value will be the winner and the player can bet on Dragon, Tiger or tie.

In addition, playing Dragon Tiger at JiLi Live Casino also brings convenience to players when they can participate anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

In addition, JiLiLive also ensures fairness and safety in the game. This helps players have the best experience participating in Dragon Tiger and other casino games.

4 Biggest Strengths When Playing Dragon Tiger at JiLiLive

4 Biggest Strengths When Playing Dragon Tiger at JiLiLive
4 Biggest Strengths When Playing Dragon Tiger at JiLiLive

Here are the top 4 strengths of JiLiLive that make it difficult for bettors to resist the betting halls here:

  • Easy to play: This game is designed by the house with simple rules and gameplay, helping players to quickly access and grasp it from the first time they experience a trial bet.
  • Online 24/7: JiLiLive offers online Dragon Tiger, allowing players to participate anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Fast playing speed: Each game takes place quickly and does not take much time, helping players to participate in many games in a short period.
  • Big winning chance: Dragon Tiger has the opportunity to win big with attractive odds. At the same time, JiLiLive also provides prizes and promotions to support players in increasing their chances of winning.

Rules of Dragon Tiger game

Rules of Dragon Tiger game
Rules of Dragon Tiger game

The rules of this game are pretty simple and easy to understand. Below are the basic rules of the Dragon Tiger online game at the house:

  • The goal of the game: Players will predict which side has the higher card value, Dragon or Tiger, to bet.
  • The deck used: This game uses a standard deck of 52 cards without Jokers.
  • The value of the cards: The cards are arranged in order of value from highest to lowest: K (King), Q (Queen), J (Jack), 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and A (Ace). There is no priority between the suits (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades).
  • The rules of dealing cards: The game begins when the dealer opens two cards, one for the Dragon and one for the Tiger sides, on a separate betting table. Players then place bets on which side they believe has the higher value card.
  • Determining the outcome: The side with the higher value card wins. If both sides have cards of the same value, the result is a Tie. Community cards only need to be shown once.
  • Types of bets: There are different types of bets that players can place, including betting on the Dragon side, betting on the Tiger side, or betting on a Tie. Other odds are set before the game begins.
  • Payout: If the player bets correctly on the winning side, they will receive a payout according to the odds. If the player bets on a Tie, they will receive a higher payout.

The most straightforward tips to win for customers

Here are four tips used by many experts to help players increase their winning rate when playing this card game:

  • Bet on basic bets: New players should focus on simple, easy-to-play bets such as Dragon or Tiger. New players should limit betting on a tie because the winning rate is meager.
  • Note betting history: Tracking the history of previous games and analyzing game patterns can help players recognize the trends of bets that are likely to come out high.
  • Try betting games: Players should experience the game for free or at the lowest bet level to gain experience.
  • Do not bet too many games: Place a specific number of games before starting, and when reaching the set limit, stop playing to avoid falling into a state of over-betting.


Above is information about the Dragon Tiger card game at the online betting house JiLiLive. The above sharing will hopefully help bettors increase their chances of winning more bets in this online betting card game.